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iPhone MAC Address: Find out now

You need the MAC address if you want to additionally secure your Wi-Fi. Then you can define which devices are allowed to access your network by storing them with the respective MAC addresses. The MAC address of the iPhone X can be found in the settings under “General”. So easy to find out the MAC address of your iPhone X The term MAC address stands for “Media Access Control Address”. This is unique and can be assigned to a single device. If you don’t want every device to be able to access your network via the Wi-Fi password, you can Read More

Using a cell phone as a Wi-Fi stick – what you need for it

If you can not connect to the Wi-Fi network with your laptop or computer, then you have the option to use your cell phone as a Wi-Fi stick. You can connect the cell phone both via a USB cable and wirelessly with the computer. How to use your phone as a Wi-Fi stick If you have no Wi-Fi reception with your laptop or computer, you can alternatively use your phone as a Wi-Fi stick or Wi-Fi repeater. So it is possible to amplify the signal and thus also use the Internet with your computer. Before you can use your cell Read More

Wi-Fi without connection – these are your options

If there is no DSL connection available at your place of residence for accessing the Internet via Wi-Fi, or if you do not want to use it, there are several alternatives. Here we show you how to surf the Internet without a connection via the mobile network or a Wi-Fi hotspot. How to get Wi-Fi without an Internet connection Normally, you need a connection and a Wi-Fi-capable router to surf the Internet. However, if you do not have an Internet connection, it is also possible to surf the Internet wirelessly in alternative ways. For example, instead of using a DSL Read More

Netgear Router: Login – how to access the options

To configure the router, you need to access the settings of the device. You can usually access the router’s user interface through the browser. This is how the process works even if you own a Netgear router. How to login to your Netgear router To access the configurations of your Netgear router, you need to log in to the backend of the device via the browser. First, make sure that the computer you want to log in with is connected to the router via LAN or Wi-Fi. Open your browser and access either the URL or Alternatively, you Read More